Two Steps from Heaven 2017 Hong Kong TV Drama Full Wiki

Two Steps from Heaven 2017 Hong Kong TV Drama Full Wiki

Episodes: 35
Aired: Oct 24, 2016 to Dec 9, 2016
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Network: TVB

Star Cast :

    Wong Bosco
    Chun Sing Hoi "Sheldon"
    Main Role
    Wong Priscilla
    Koo Sing Seung "Max"
    Main Role
    Siu Edwin
    Fung Jik Yin "Sean"
    Main Role
    Cheung Louis
    Yau Tin Hang "Tim"
    Main Role
    Wong Kandy
    Kwan Jing "Ada"
    Supporting Role
    Lau Moon
    Yip Wah "Emma"
    Supporting Role

Story/Plot/Synopsis/Summary/Review/News :

Chun Sing Hoi, Fung Jik Yin and Yau Tin Hang are the "Iron Triangle" in the public relations world. Every day, they shuttle between the bright, dazzling, heaven-like upper class society. By chance, Fung Jik Yin re-encounters his ex-lover Koo Sing Seung and her brother Koo Sing Hei. They are the children of a real estate tycoon. Under the management of Koo Sing Seung's half-sister Koo Sing Fan, the corporation has impressive performance and enormous influence in the city. Koo Sing Seung acts as a go-between to help the three guys open the door to weath. They take advantage of every opportunity and ascend step-by-step towards heaven. But the higher they climb, the more they lose. They sacrifice family, lovers, friends, and even their dignity...

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